Mobil body sculptures have been created in 2016 and the personality of each piece is incarnated through photographs of women from diverse origins.
The unique character of the jewellery is revealed when the body is in movement.
Balance and sensibility expressed through delicate gold lines enhances a body part in an unexpected and elegant way.
The artist uses elementary geometric forms found in multiple cultures to create a new language and evoke a universal feminity.

Senses jewellery line awakens our senses.
Literally playing on words, the jewellery calls for self-awareness and brings our focus to our perception. The artist’s perception of the body and the object invites us to this moment of attention, bringing us back to the present.
Travel through your senses!
The Sight : Playing with movement and kinetic art.
The Touch : Surprising, intimate, poetic and sometimes cheeky braille messages on your body.
The Ear : Enchanted the body movement with the delicate sounds of you bells.
The Smell : Amulet with natural smell to root you to the ground.
The Taste : Savour the essential element of copper.

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